small plates & drinks


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Small plates & drinks

We are a small restaurant with big flavors, open late on both weekends and weekdays. When asked what kind of food Eva serves, we usually have to pause and think about it. “Comfort food”. “Delicious food”. “Slightly Mediterranean”. “Pizza and other stuff.” “New American eclectic”. To be honest, we’re not totally sure, we just care that it’s good — so forget about the labels and just check out our menu.

Eva is dedicated to and named after chef Charlie Perry’s great grandmother. Eva Coombs passed on her respect for quality ingredients, an emphasis on the nourishing benefits of food and most importantly, the shared pleasure of eating. Our family style dining promotes a communal sense of enjoyment, with the sharing of dishes highly encouraged. (It’s why we give you small plates!) We have an extensive and varied menu full of small dishes, not-so-small dishes, craft cocktails, a hand-picked wine list, and desserts that are made at Eva’s Bakery, our French-style boulangerie just down the street. (All of our bread is made there too!)

Eva Coombs was renowned for cooking with an abundance of both love and butter. Family and friends took any opportunity to stop by her home for nourishment and pleasure. Her great grandson, Charlie, was always by her side in the kitchen, and Eva's passion for French cooking and respect for ingredients transferred to her young apprentice. Chef /Owner, Charlie Perry, opened Eva, the restaurant, and Eva's Bakery Boulangerie in her honor.







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